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Class Weatherproof

The Class Weatherproof football table from Garlando is the first freeplay model with a glass top.

The benefit of this is that the balls remain in the playing area and cannot be lost or stolen making it an ideal choice for an environment where the table is available to a wide audience.  The glass top also enables a quieter game making this table ideal for use in offices.

The table has been constructed using special components and materials which are able to withstand all weather conditions. It Is supplied with a cover which should be used at all times when the table is not in use.

Product Code: CLASSWRLLA

Cabinet: 25mm

Rods: Telescopic

Players: Red/Blue

Product Weight: 87kg (Packed 92kg)

PLAYING SIZE: L144 X W110 X H93.5-96.5 CM

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  • 25mm marine cabinet
  • 90 x 90mm metal legs
  • Tempered glass top
  • 16mm telescopic rods
  • Steel roller bearings
  • Players in unbreakable plastic moulded onto the bars
  • Made in Italy

Playing quality

  • Plastic laminate playing field
  • Leg levellers
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Fully rotating goalkeeper
  • Abacus style scorer
  • Supplied with 10 Standard white balls
  • 3 Year guarantee on all parts



Sturdy 25mm blue cabinet with marine multi-layer plywood coated with plastic laminate. Water-resistant and sealed using a special waterproof glue


Elevated corners reduce dead ball areas.


Designed, developed and manufactured in Italy.

Glass Top

The cabinet is covered by a tempered glass top which reduces noise and prevents balls being lost.


Fully rotating goalkeeper (360 degrees).


90 x 90mm square metal legs coated with washable powder varnish.


Players in unbreakable plastic representing a stylized human figure are directly moulded onto the bars. They do not move, cannot be displaced and maintain their positions perfectly. Team colours: Blue & Red.

Telescopic Rods

16mm telescopic high resistance, machine-true hollow steel bars (2.2mm thick). The quality of materials used prevents the bars from bending.

Roller Bearings

Nylon bushes with stainless steel ball bearings: they do not rust and allow high speed action, smoother play and reduced wear and tear.


Special 3 layer chromium plating guarantees bars will not rust.

Playing Quality

Ball Server

Balls are brought into play through a conveyor along the cabinet side.


Plastic handles with ergonomic grip.

Leg Levellers

Leg levellers supplied as standard for a perfectly flat playing field.

Playing Field

Plastic laminate playing field is sealed with special waterproof glue. Silk-screen printed with blue lines on a light grey background to reproduce the football ground. A special ink is used to withstand sun bleaching and damp.


Colour co-ordinated abacus style scorers.



Conforms to the European safety standard EN 71-1/2/3/9.